Posted 3 weeks ago

Wow I forgot to post this here lol

My new album Falling With The Sakura Leaves is OUT NOW! :D

It only costs 3$ to buy the whole 8 track album, and it means a lot to me

You can view it here:

Thanks for listening everyone and have a nice day!

Posted 2 months ago

Here’s the teaser for my upcoming album, “Falling With The Sakura Leaves”! :D

Posted 3 months ago

Here’s a small song I uploaded a few days ago :D

Posted 3 months ago

Here’s a small wip I posted yesterday <3

Posted 4 months ago

Big thanks to all the people buying my tracks recently!  In the last few days I’ve gotten 8 purchases (4 for just sakura!) and I’m glad to see you guys will still support me even if I don’t make only pony music all the time xD

Posted 4 months ago

Here’s a new song for you guys!

I’ve been working on this one for a while :3

Posted 5 months ago

Working on another remix :)

Posted 5 months ago

Here’s a small and very early WIP of a remix I’ve been working on a bit lately.  Not sure if I’m going to finish it, though.

Posted 5 months ago

New progressive house song :)

Posted 6 months ago

Wow, almost 700 subscribers!  Thanks so much guys, I promise I’m still working on stuff.  I have a few WIP projects, so those might turn into something good.  I’m hoping my next song will be some kind of electro house song, because I’ve been wanting to make something around that genre.