Posted 1 week ago

New remix :D

Posted 1 month ago

Wow I forgot to post this here lol

My new album Falling With The Sakura Leaves is OUT NOW! :D

It only costs 3$ to buy the whole 8 track album, and it means a lot to me

You can view it here:

Thanks for listening everyone and have a nice day!

Posted 2 months ago

Here’s the teaser for my upcoming album, “Falling With The Sakura Leaves”! :D

Posted 4 months ago

Here’s a small song I uploaded a few days ago :D

Posted 4 months ago

Here’s a small wip I posted yesterday <3

Posted 5 months ago

Big thanks to all the people buying my tracks recently!  In the last few days I’ve gotten 8 purchases (4 for just sakura!) and I’m glad to see you guys will still support me even if I don’t make only pony music all the time xD

Posted 5 months ago

Here’s a new song for you guys!

I’ve been working on this one for a while :3

Posted 6 months ago

Working on another remix :)

Posted 6 months ago

Here’s a small and very early WIP of a remix I’ve been working on a bit lately.  Not sure if I’m going to finish it, though.

Posted 6 months ago

New progressive house song :)